Why A Football Match Is The Perfect Place To Promote Your Event Or Product

So, you have created an event or there is something that you need to promote desperately to the world.

You have taken to twitter and facebook and all the other social media channels available to you, in order to advertise it as far and wide as possible.

Unfortunately, you are only an individual or a small business or community group and are struggling to put a budget together to fund any paid for advertising. So what are you to do?

Well, Leeds United World Fan Club had this very same dilemma not that long ago. We wanted to promote our charity match, last year, as far and wide as possible, but we didn’t have much money to play with.

So here’s what we did. We decided to look into the world of branded giveaways. You know – things that are usually used as cheap corporate gifts and other things that will often end up in a marketing manager’s top drawer earmarked for the corporate gift bags.

Maybe where you work does this sort of thing, branded pens and promotional travel mugs and so on with your company name on it. Well, we had a little think and thought that as well as working for a company or a product, it could also help with promoting an event, meet up or charity evening.

Of course, if you want to advertise your product or business to the football fan market, you would first need to seek permission from the club you wanted to do this in. However, most clubs should be fine with a not for profit event or fundraising for a charity. It might still be as well to check, though.

Although there was a lot of competition for things that we could put our logo and our event on, we decided to go for the t-shirt. The beauty of this was it was not in the least bit expensive and would get us a lot of exposure.

Promotional company items like t-shirts are big business now and it stands to reason, if it works for larger manufacturers and corporations, then it could work for a smaller event or charity gig.

Wearing printed promotional items like a branded t-shirt, logo beanie hat or scarf, is the nearest thing to having a megaphone on you. It displays your message or slogan, without you having to open your mouth or do anything.

And of course, at a football match (particularly a well-attended one) it will be seen by hundreds of people. That’s even without the possibility of it being picked up by a camera!

We certainly found that by getting a number of our members at Leeds United World to wear these on the stands, we were getting people coming up to us and talking to us and asking us questions about our event and how they could get involved in it.

So anyone with an event to market, as well as something to sell could do much worse than stick it on a t-shirt or some other type of wearable media promotion!

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