Leeds United World Knock About Football Match!



As well as watching Leeds United, plenty of us at Leeds United World also enjoy a kick about and so we have decided to organise one between our fans!

Just to make it a bit better, we have decided to try and raise some money for charity whilst we’re at it. We haven’t quite decided which one at this point and are drawing up a shortlist of deserving causes – so if you have one in mind, let us know!

The venue is also to be announced, but it will of course be in Leeds and is most likely to be Armley Gotts Park or possibly Stanningley Park but once again – any suggestions are also welcomed.

The date we have in mind is for this spectacular is Sunday 23rd April, when we are hoping against hope that the weather might just behave itself. But even if it doesn’t, we will still go ahead!

What we need is a shortlist of people willing to play and then we will take it from there.

But the players aren’t all we need. We will need people to provide refreshments and to collect money, as well as sell some promotional materials such as t shirts and other printed promotional items.

And of course, to take part, you will need to be kitted out in full Leeds United World Fans team colours.

All proceeds from the kit and the sales will go to charity and last year we raised £500 for various cancer charities, with our amateur match – and it was snowing then! This year we hope it won’t be snowing and we will do even better.

So if you are interested, we would love to hear from you, as we have a lot of positions to fill and will be looking at a full reserve bench as well.

If you are happy to make sandwiches and sell crisps, we would love to hear from you as well and as ever, you can contact us by either using the contact button on the bottom of the page or by talking to us on facebook or twitter.

The full kit will be available via our website in the next few weeks for anyone interested in playing – or even just watching!

We hope to hear from you soon – keep checking this site for more info!

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