We are a fan site for the wonderful Leeds United. We are 100% unofficial and nothing to do with the club at all.

We were formed in 2001 by a bunch of fans who all got to know each other off various other chat rooms and fan sites, some of which are now sadly defunct.

Although the majority of us do live in Leeds, there are a sizeable number who do not and keep in touch with the doings of the club through the internet.

Some of us strive to get to every game, every week, no matter how remote. But some of us are lucky if we can make it once a season. Either way, the Leeds United family stays together in the real world and on line.

We arrange regular meet ups and other social events as well as charity matches, sometimes with the fans of other clubs.

Last year we raised over £500 for various cancer charities and this year we are looking to do better!

Of course, as well as looking at our website, we also have a social media presence, so if you want to chat on facebook, or twitter there will be someone else there who wants to talk as well.

If you have come from out of town, or even out of the country, we can arrange for someone to meet you off the train or plane to welcome you to the city and accompany you to a match. We do not like leaving our fans out in the cold and believe in a hearty Yorkshire welcome for everyone.

We also have a newsletter that is emailed regularly, with even more updates, news and views.

If you would like to receive it, please submit your details using the button below!

We hope to see you at one of Leeds’ matches shortly!